Nik Gilmore

Nik Gilmore loves dancing and promises to update this bio soon.

Ben Luhrman

Ben Luhrman started dancing in 2006 when one of his friends invited him to Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio, TX. Since then he has come to love Lindy Hop, Jazz Age music, and history.

Now Ben travels all over dancing, instructing, competing, performing, and learning. He strives for authenticity in his own dance and encourages others to find their own voice. He is intrigued by the originality, rhythm, and fun swing dance exudes. He is also convinced that leading and following are both equally important tasks. Ben takes pride in his local community of San Antonio, participating on the San Antonio Swing Dance Society Board (non-profit), working with local musicians, organizing events, preserving and celebrating the joy of swing dance one step at a time. Click here for his website. Interested in dance lessons with Ben? Check out

Ashley Mahaney

Ashley comes to us from Austin, TX and we are thrilled to have her.

Erin Mahood

Erin was introduced to swing dancing in 2001, after bumping into an outdoor lindy hop competition in Santa Barbara, CA. She watched in awe, admiring how much fun the dancers were having. Shortly after, she signed up for classes and was instantly hooked! Erin danced her way up and down the coast of California before moving to Columbus, OH, in 2006. There, Erin continued swing dancing (of course) and was a member of the SwingColumbus Performance Team. Now Erin carries her passion for dancing to the San Antonio Swing Dance Society. She hopes her students find it as fun and addictive as she does.

Connor Gorman

Connor just really really loves dancing.

Ed Willars

Ed has been dancing in his heart since he was born. In 2005 his two favorite dancing daughters, Lara and Lydia, convinced him to transfer that passion into his feet as well. Since then Ed has taken swing classes with SASDS and attended Lindyfest in Houston. He began instructing in 2007.

Leah Johnson

To say Leah cares about keeping the swing culture alive is an understatement. She honors it's history and brings it out in her appearance and in her dancing. As a very talented dancer, she enjoys instructing, giving private lessions, competing, and having a blast on the dance floor. She enjoys DJing for the society, and knows how to fill a dance floor. She has a fun enjoyable personality, and it shows in her dance. She regularly attends national swing dance events and is always looking forward to meeting dancers of all levels from all over the world. Next time you see this girl, ask her to dance. You won't be disappointed.