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  • Balboa

    The art of Balboa is the subtle communication between the lead and follow, like weight shifts, that most viewers cannot see. As a result, Balboa is considered more of pocket option broker a "dancer's dance" than a "spectator's dance".

  • Lindy Hop

    Revived in the 1980s by American, Swedish, and British dancers, the Lindy Hop is now represented by dancers and loosely affiliated grass roots organizations found in pocket option app for pc North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

  • Blues

    Blues dancing is a modern term used to describe a family of historical dances that developed alongside and were danced to blues music, or the contemporary dances that are danced in that aesthetic.

  • Charleston

    Charleston is danced alone (solo), with a partner or in groups of couples or solo dancers. The basic step allows for a vast range of variations and improvisation. Both the 1920s and Swinging Charleston styles are popular today, though swinging Charleston is more commonly integrated into
    how to copy trade on pocket option Lindy Hop dancing.

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    The Society

    The San Antonio Swing Dance Society (SASDS) is a non-profit organization that works to promote healthy activity through dance. In addition it works to provide a safe environment < for friends and fun.

    The society provides:

    The society's main source of income are the cheap lessons and donations. Joining the society costs only $20 per year ($15 for students) and includes discounts on lessons and socials in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Joining is easy. Just fill out the membership application form and hand it with your check or cash to an SASDS officer before Wednesday lessons.

    Getting Involved

    The people involved in this society communicate a number of different ways. The primary means is the SASDS Yahoo Group and the calendar. In addition to that, we have a Facebook group.

    Members and non-members can post to the Swing Posse Yahoo Group.

    The society is incorporated and the board holds regular meetings to which you may attend and provide feedback.

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